My name is Tyrone G. I am a practicing Catholic (hoping practice makes perfect), husband and father.  What I do is volunteer as a catechist at my parish and my career as a school psychologist.

In the practice of my faith one area that I am continually looking to grow in is my prayer life.  My prayer life has changed over time but one constant is my desire to attain communion with God and reflect his love in this world.  This is not an easy task; I find that my pride often gets in the way.  I hope to share here my exploration of the prayers of the Church (east and west) from the Divine Liturgy to personal devotions.   In addition to my study of prayer I will also share other items of interest that I learn along my faith walk.

I ask for the prayers of St. Paul and St. Teresa of Avila ; may the Holy Spirit guide my humble attempt to share the faith.


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